Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minni Havas

 Minni Havas 

Minni Havas (b. 1983) is a freelance illustrator based in Helsinki. Having studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, her focus is mainly on fashion illustration. Minni uses colour pencils to draw detailed pictures with magical colours and arrangements somewhere in the borderlands of the real and the imaginary.
She tries to use the computer as little as possible, Minni aims to maintain a sensation of authenticity in her work – the childlike feeling of ‘wow, someone actually drew that by hand’.

See more of Minni's here

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luca Barcellona

Wow, I was very impressed by this live rendering of calligraphic type by Luca Barcellona for the Legacy of Letters italian tour, organized by Paul Shaw. Gorgeous work and amazing skills. Where do you learn to do something like that?

Legacy of Letters from Luca Barcellona on Vimeo.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kwon Kyung Yup

 Kwon Kyung Yup 

Kwon Kyung Yup's paintings of bandaged girls might seem a little distressing to some, but the thought process behind the series of artworks is much more than some kind of fetishisation of 'damaged goods', or damsels in distress.

Says art critic Kho Chung-Hwan, who compares Yup's subjects with Lolita – a kind of innocent, but full of complexities and contradictions: "Girls like this [Lolita] appear in Kwon Kyung Yup's paintings. The asexual and immature sexual identity, the images of sickly and weak 
spirited girls invoke the Lolita syndrome. While being depicted realistically, they are felt as unreal beings, looking artificial like animation characters or mannequins. The overlapping of tantalizingly realistic depiction and the image of purity suggested by the aseptic, unnatural condition as if being cleared of worldly pollution increases 
a strange tension. 
The peculiar emotion you feel in response to Kwon's paintings, so to speak, is the compassion caused by what you think you read in the girls' expressions: the image of infirmity and weakness, asexual or immature sexual identity, and the compound of a sense of artificiality and the image of purity."

See more of Kwon Kyung Yup's work here

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kathryn Macnaughton

 Kathryn Macnaughton 

“Combining drawing with collage in a hue of light pastel shades, softening any ‘filthy rautten’ pornographic material, Macnaughton creates random associations that some of us might think is fictional mess, but some will see subliminal messages, suggestive imagery of an interpretation of the real. Asides from the women, shapes are prominent, patterns may be used to fill space, add game or are intentionally drawing you towards something, an idea or relationship.”
-Raji, The Freak Show